Print, The Guardian

Print, The Guardian

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The Guardian, from an original painting by Joe Don Brave, Osage/Cherokee Native Artist.  In January 1803, Thomas Jefferson invited the Osage to meet with him, in Washington DC, and they ventured to DC.  They rode in on horseback, dressed in their finest, including face paint.  Jefferson wrote about this meeting, in his journals, and I have family in Charlottesville, so we went to the library to see the journals.  I read Jefferson's description and this is the warrior I painted.  

The original is square, and so prints need to be square (the rules for prints).      

Prints make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, housewarming and graduations. 

Print available in 3 sizes, square, of an original by Joe Don Brave.  

This print will be special ordered, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.  Thank you.