Print, Osage Cosmology

Print, Osage Cosmology

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Osage Cosmology;  From an original by Joe Don Brave.  The Osage Village was historically set up with a lot of order.  Two Groups of people, Sky People and Earth People, and within each group, there are clans.  I am a Sky Person, and my clan is Sun Carrier.  I think of this order, in the Osage World often, especially during the June Dances, when we live/dance/gather with great order.  The cosmology of the Osage is within me, and I try hard to abide by this order.  

The prints make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, house warming and graduations. 

Print available in 4 sizes, of an original by Joe Don Brave.  Frame NOT included on print.

Please give us 2-3 weeks for printing of any size.  Thanks.