Print, June Grace

Print, June Grace

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June Grace Print of an original by Joe Don Brave.  Available in three sizes.  

Another verison of Osage Lady Dancers in June.  I have danced in the I-lon-skha for 45 years, and I have watched each group, drummers, singers, straight dancers and lady dancers all of my life.  I see them all in my dreams, and I try to bring them alive on my canvas!  June is the time of the Osage traditional dances, the I-lon-skha.  The dance has order.  The drum is in the center.  The outer layer of the dance is where the lady dancers dance.  They flow into the arbor, softly stepping, swaying, smiling!  The vision is beautiful!  The ladies are beautiful!  

The small prints make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, house warming and graduations. 

Print available in 4 sizes, of an original by Joe Don Brave.  Frame NOT included on print.

Please give us 2-3 weeks for printing of any size.  Thanks.