Print, Friday Night

Print, Friday Night

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Friday Night. Print of an original by Joe Don Brave. 

Prints are available in three sizes.  

Friday Night in Hominy, in June, during the I-lon-skha, the traditional dances of the Osage, held on the same grounds for 100+ years.  Very special night, I look forward to it all year!  Purple is the color to wear, if you are from the Hominy District!  The food, laughter, family, friends, energy!  So much about the night is magical!  

This straight dancer is representative of a typical pose of man who is dancing Southern Straight Dance Style.  This is also the style that I dance, and have my entire life during the June Dances in the Osage. 

The small prints make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, house warming and graduations. 

Print available in 3 sizes, of an original by Joe Don Brave.