Original Painting; The Law

Original Painting; The Law

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The Law; An Original Painting by Joe Don Brave

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, in the Osage, the sheriffs needed help, to bring law and order to the county.  Not an easy task, as the Osage was known for being the wildest county in the country!  Outlaws, thieves, murderers, gamblers ran wild throughout the county, and folks from all over the country knew that Osage County was a safe place to hide!  The Osage men hired by the law, were used as translators for the white law, who didn't know the language or geography of the county!  

I am fascinated by this era, and after much research, this painting was created, bringing forward my thoughts and ideas of what the Osage Law would have looked like!  

16" x 20"; Acrylic on Canvas.