Original Painting; Enduring, Endurance

Original Painting; Enduring, Endurance

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Enduring, Endurance, an original painting by Joe Don Brave. 

This painting was created to honor the Osage Nation's Sesquicentennial (150 Years in Osage County), held in 2022.  I wanted to convey the beauty, strength and endurance the Osage People have.  The place my head and art turned to, immediately was the traditional dances of the Osage, that have taken place for over 100 years, in Osage County and are called the I-lon-skha.  These dances happen, currently, during the month of June, and are held in the three districts of the Osage People in Osage County, Oklahoma.  Greyhorse, Hominy and Pawhuska are the districts.   

I have participated in the I-lon-skha, Osage Traditional Dances, for 44 years.  June is the best time, when Osages come from around the country, gathering together to enjoy family, fellowship, food and ceremony.   

I treasure these experiences, the entire month is special, and I paint southern straight dancers often, quick memories, reminders, friends, family members I have while dancing.   

This painting shows a family, walking together, as a unit either to the dance or after.  The strength of the love, family, Osage people.  

20" x 20"; Acrylic on Canvas.