Clipboard, 5 Osage Straight Dancers

Clipboard, 5 Osage Straight Dancers

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Decorative Clipboards, with reproductions of original art by Joe Don Brave.

5 Osage Straight Dancers is a painting of a group of Osage Straight Dancers in the I-lon-skha, the traditional dances held in June each year, in Osage County, Oklahoma.

Each clipboard gives you Art on the Go!  This clipboard provides a stylish, functional way to write without the use of a desk, for office, warehouse, clinic, coaching, canvassing, pow wow scoring or any other of hundreds of other applications, this is the perfect clipboard for you!

8.75 x 12.5 x .1" with Low-Profile Metal Clip (a stainless steel metal clip with a spring closure and rubberized corners, which can protect paper while keeping it securely in lace.  The clip's low-profile design allows for easily stacking multiple clipboards together for space-saving storage.