Clipboard, Osage Ballet
Clipboard, Osage Ballet

Clipboard, Osage Ballet

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Decorative Clipboards, with reproductions of original art by Joe Don Brave.

Osage Ballet is a painting of a ballerina on point, swirling her broadcloth skirt with ribbonwork!

Each clipboard gives you Art on the Go!  This clipboard provides a stylish, functional way to write without the use of a desk, for office, warehouse, clinic, coaching, canvassing, pow wow scoring or any other of hundreds of other applications, this is the perfect clipboard for you!  Art is on BOTH sides of the clipboard, so you always see the art!

8.75 x 12.5 x .1" with Low-Profile Metal Clip (a stainless steel metal clip with a spring closure and rubberized corners, which can protect paper while keeping it securely in lace.  The clip's low-profile design allows for easily stacking multiple clipboards together for space-saving storage.

This clipboard is double-sided, art on both sides!